Sirk sacking and CRM costs will lead to ICCA loss of €354,000

The sacking of CEO Martin Sirk and the spiralling costs of a new CRM system...

Intellectual Capitals

Brisbane’s strategic bid to boost cancer research

Brisbane will be at the centre of ground-breaking efforts to understand, cure and prevent mesothelioma...

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Sirk sacking and CRM costs will lead to ICCA loss of €354,000

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What’s ‘legal but not ethical’ in meetings?

I was stopped at check-in flying through Heathrow to Iceland and told I was on...

Should we take cuts lying down?

Marriott and Hilton's decision to cut group booking commissions is a wake-up call for agencies...

We can’t make social media work either

I could totally relate to your Editor's Blog Social Media on Trial as we have...

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Catherine Foss, ISAPS

Catherine Foss, ISAPS

October 2018

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Fast track Macao

Most discussions on Macao invariably start by comparing it with two other destinations. However, Alex Paik writes, Macao has long outgrown its reputation as the...