About Hotel Classifications

The Northstar Hotel Classification System and its unique 10-tiered rating procedure, has been an industry standard for decades. Used in our numerous travel publications it stands alone as a completely objective and independent evaluation system with a worldwide application.

10/Superior Deluxe: An exclusive, expensive luxury hotel offering the highest standards of accommodations and facilities and providing almost any level of personal service — Guest and public rooms are elegant and luxurious, service is impeccable — A prestige address - Establishments in this category are among the world’s top hotels.

9/Deluxe:An outstanding, expensive, luxury property offering many of the same features as a Superior Deluxe and in many instances may be just as satisfactory — There may be fewer personalized amenities or services — May cater to a more diverse, trend setting clientele.

8/Moderate Deluxe:Basically a Deluxe hotel, but frequently more heavily marketed to business clients or groups - Expect outstanding accommodations and public rooms — May not be as intimate or exclusive or may have less emphasis on atmosphere or personal service.

7/Superior First Class:An above average First Class hotel with some outstanding features and a broad range of services - May have a special focus on design, style and amenities — Guest rooms and public areas are tastefully furnished and very comfortable striving to meet the needs of business and leisure guests.

6/First Class: This is the full-service hotel standard -- A dependable, well-maintained hotel with comfortable accommodations and public areas - Usually provides a full range of services, amenities and facilities - May have superior executive level or wing.

5/Limited-Service First Class: A property offering full first-class comfortable, quality accommodations, but limited public areas, dining and facilities - Usually moderate in size - Some may use a residential scale and architecture, others may feature a unique atmosphere or design - Many offer complimentary breakfast or evening drinks in the lobby or in an informal restaurant.

4/Moderate First Class: Essentially a First Class establishment with comfortable but sometimes simple accommodations - Public areas may be limited - Some first class features may be lacking, but generally provides all the essentials a guest requires.

3/Superior Tourist Class: Primarily a mid-market economy hotel — Accommodations are well kept and functional, some with charming or intimate features - Many with in-room amenities designed for business travelers - Usually public rooms and facilities are limited.

2/Tourist Class: A property for the budget traveler providing basic room amenities, but few services — May have some facilities or features of Superior Tourist Class — Accommodations may be standardized - Often in locations convenient to highways, business or airports.

1/Moderate Tourist Class: A budget property with a no-frills approach, providing basic accommodations for the traveler.