“Shall we press buttons?” – Bizzabo launches new smart badge

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Bizzabo SmartBadge technology in action Photo Credit: Bizzabo

Lanyard and name tags just went up a gear with the launch of a ‘smart badge’ that allows conference delegates to check into sessions and download content.

Bizzabo has launched Klik Experiential, a ‘wearable onsite technology’ that aims to improve the delegate experience while capturing behavioural insights for organisers.

The New York-based experiential operating system is hoping its reusable SmartBadge (pictured) will become a mainstay at large or ‘flagship’ meetings and events.

The technology lets attendees to check into sessions, download content, and exchange contact information with exhibitors and other attendees with the click of a button. 

It also allows exhibitors to capture, access and use simplified, robust lead retrieval through seamless interactions and event organizers to capture data through tracking.

Eran Ben-Shushan, CEO and co-founder of Bizzabo, said: “With the introduction of Klik Experiential, we’re inviting organizers to build on what they learned from virtual events to make the new era of in-person events even brighter.

“The SmartBadge enables the best of both worlds: face-to-face interactions supported by powerful, intuitive technology to amplify the value of events for organizers, attendees and exhibitors. Just because in-person events are back doesn’t mean the data is gone.”

Additional features of the SmartBadge include: 

  • OneKlik Touchpoint, which eliminates the need for standard URLs or shipping and printing to and from events. With just a click, attendees can download content and information seamlessly throughout the event. 
  • Audience Lights, which remotely light up attendee SmartBadges. Light up all the SmartBadges at once to heighten engagement in large sessions or use customized colors for defined groups, such as ticket types.
  • Digital Heatmaps to visualize attendee engagement in near-real time on organizers’ event dashboards to better identify popular sessions and exhibitors. 
  • Gamification through touchpoints, session attendance or Klik networking to enhance experiences and provide increased opportunities for branded sponsorship. 
  • The Klik exhibitor portal, which gives exhibitors easy, quick access to leads during and after the event.

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