In-person events ‘crucial’, according to new survey

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An in-person meeting In-person events are 'crucial' according to survey Photo Credit: 123RF

Roughly 83 per cent of event professionals plan to host at least three in-person events this year, according to a new survey by meetings technology firm Bizzabo. Just under a quarter (24 per cent) plan to host at least 10. 

And the steady return of in-person meetings looks set to continue, with 85 per cent of event organisers planning to host at least three in-person events next year, with 35 per cent planning to host at least 10. Almost all, ninety-eight per cent, will organise at least one in-person meeting.

Bizzabo surveyed more than 230 meeting professionals in June and July for its State of In-Person Events report. 

The results reflect a steady return to in-person events, but with flexibility for attendees as Bizzabo’s data also shows 68 per cent of organisers plan to have a virtual component at their next in-person event. 

Most respondents are holding on to hybrid meeting options while building on the momentum of returning to in-person events, as 53 per cent claimed to be ‘focused’ or ‘very focused’ on a 2023 virtual event strategy.

That said, onsite meetings and events remain a priority for organisers, with 72 per cent indicating in-person events are a ‘crucial’ part of their organisation’s overall marketing strategy, according to Bizzabo’s survey. 

About 70 per cent of respondents indicated their 2022 event budgets increased or held steady from 2021 levels. 

Forty-five per cent of respondents had trade shows and expos on their 2022 event roster. Industry conferences and private events were a close second, each in the planning mix for 43 per cent of respondents. 

Attendee engagement, robust attendance numbers, achieving budget, and ensuring Covid-19 safety were the highest event priorities among the respondent base. 

Bizzabo found 73 per cent of event professionals were ‘ready’ or ‘very ready’ to return to in-person events. Only 3 per cent were ‘not ready.’ 

The trend towards more in-person events was mirrored at Bizzabo itself, which saw a 20 per cent increase in the number of events hosted on its platform, compared to last year. Between January and September, the number of in-person events held on Bizzabo’s platform rose by 724 per cent. 

“In-person events have returned this year, and their purpose has been elevated as marketers bring a renewed focus on delivering meaningful experiences for those gathering physically and virtually,” said Alon Alroy, CMO and co-founder of Bizzabo.



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