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Jocelyn Guertin, Émilie Pinard and Sébastien Lord in Rome for the event bid Jocelyn Guertin, Émilie Pinard and Sébastien Lord in Rome for the event bid

The complex relationship between buildings and people will be explored when an international association meets in North America for the first time.

The International Association of People-Environment Studies (IAPS) has chosen to hold its 26th biennial conference in Québec, Canada, from 21-26, June, 2020.

The event will be co-hosted by Laval University and the Québec City Convention Centre. The 25 previous conferences have taken place in Europe and Asia.

Around 500 researchers in fields such as architecture, urban planning, psychology, geography, sociology, and anthropology are expected to travel to Canada for the event.

“Québec City has once again proven how attractive it is as a destination for international conferences,” said Québec City Convention Centre President and CEO Pierre-Michel Bouchard.

"I applaud the hard work, determination, and international standing of the key stakeholders who helped tip the scales of the IAPS decision-makers. By attracting conferences to the city, these ambassadors are helping raise Québec City’s profile on the world stage.”

“This conference will be an opportunity to celebrate 50 years of scientific work on the interrelationships between people and the environment and the long history of education and research in the field at Laval University’s School of Architecture,” added professor Carole Després.


The winning bid, presented at this year’s IAPS conference in Rome, was led by Laval University Professor Carole Després, Professor Émilie Pinard of Laurentian University’s McEwen School of Architecture, Professor Sébastien Lord of the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at Université de Montréal, and sales manager Jocelyn Guertin of the Québec City Convention Centre.

Founded in 1981, IAPS is an active, multidisciplinary association of researchers and practitioners from around the world who share an interest in how people interact with their environment. The fields of psychology, sociology, geography, design, and urban planning are all represented within the association, as are many others. IAPS is a forum for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration.

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