Québec wins sought-after conference on genome editing

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A conference on genome editing will be held in Canada for the first time.

Québec City has won the 13th Annual International CRISPR Congress, which will take place June 17–19, 2019, at the Québec City Convention Centre (QCCC).

The conference was first held in 2008 and is the largest international conference on CRISPR-Cas systems and their applications. After the US, Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, Israel, and Lithuania, Québec City was honoured with the conference’s first appearance in Canada.

Québec City’s bid was championed by Professor Sylvain Moineau, from Université Laval, who curates the largest public collection of bacterial viruses in the world.

Denise Tremblay, a research professional at Université Laval, and University of Toronto professors Alan R. Davidson (Dept. of Molecular Genetics & Dept. of Biochemistry) and Karen Maxwell (Dept. of Biochemistry) will work together to organise the event.

Since the role CRISPR-Cas systems play in bacteria was discovered in 2007, they have been thoroughly studied, and in 2012 a powerful tool was developed capable of editing the genomes of a multitude of organisms with unprecedented precision, revolutionising the field of biological research.

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