Ten ways to catch and keep millennials

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INCON, a partnership of the world’s leading conference organisers and event management companies, has published “10 Insights for Engaging Millennials in Education Programs” as part of its Expert Articles series.

It was largely in response to a recent study by the Buzz Marketing Group which found that 92 per cent of Millennials believe that membership of a professional organisation provides strong opportunities for them.

The article was written by Holly Amatangelo, Director of Education & Learning Services at SmithBucklin, an INCON Partner and association management and services company based in Chicago and Washington D.C. According to Ms. Amatangelo “with thoughtful planning, leveraging other members’ expertise and creative thinking, you can create a satisfying experience. Associations that make an effort to engage members with innovative education experiences will find that these opportunities will resonate with all generations”.

She lists the 10 tips to make any association’s education programme engaging and satisfying - not only for Millennials but also the broader membership.

1. Assess current knowledge

Look closely at what they want, then tailor it, create it and deliver it.

2. Seek out the unconventional

Try formalised peer-to-peer education - attendees frequently remember conversations with peers more vividly than formal lectures.

3. Disrupt the structure

Unstructured education sessions feature minimal predetermined topics and allow attendees to lead instead of following facilitators.

4. Take it online and keep it mobile

A self-paced online training programme is a convenient alternative to a traditional classroom experience.

5. Enlist industry experts

They can provide real-world insights, everyday tips and tricks, and no-nonsense advice to guide new professionals through their transition.

6. Keep it visual

Different communication options can deliver great impact, especially to visual learners.

7. Be purpose-led

Instil a sense of purpose in all association activities and in the education that is provided.

8. Reach multiple audiences

Create educational content that is appropriate for different career levels.

9. Offer digital credentialing

Digital badging offers a visual representation of a specific accomplishment that can be shared on social media.

10. Provide frequent touchpoints

Continually provide attractive content – through blogs, newsletters and with active social media channels.

“Retaining young professional members means offering inspiring, interesting and educational opportunities they cannot find anywhere else,” concludes Holly Amatangelo.

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