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The extraordinary Valley of Gangala The extraordinary Valley of Gangala

The distinctive history, culture and beautiful natural environment of Okinawa attract people from around the world. The spirit of Bankoku Shinryo, from the Ryukyu kingdom era, helped the nation prosper and, today, Okinawa connects countries, ideas and businesses.

As a leading leisure destination, Okinawa’s business-oriented community is focusing on the future.

Why Okinawa for international association events

▼The open-minded and welcoming people of Okinawa are culturally attuned to providing a bridge between nations. MICE participants are encouraged to pursue lively business and academic exchanges ▼Its extraordinarily beautiful location helps to inspire and ignite creative thinking ▼With its sophisticated infrastructure and local industry, combined with a knowledge base accumulated through advanced project-based research utilising the subtropical climate and geographical characteristics of its oceanic islands, Okinawa has the business and research acumen to assist delegates in varying subjects.

Easy access

With 139 international flights per week and 36 domestic routes, it is easy to bring international delegates into Okinawa. Transfers are equally straightforward via Japan’s famed public transport network.

Local government support

Government support has been helping to position Okinawa as a hub for academic and business exchanges through hosting MICE events.

As a result, large venues have been constructed or being planned while an Okinawa MICE Network has been organised to support events through industry-academia-government collaboration. The entire event industry is now working together to attract and support international events and suppliers on the ground.

Voice of a local host

Dr. Youhei Morita, the first JNTO Japan Conference Ambassador in Okinawa, is the associate Vice President of OIST, which is ranked 1st in Japan in the Nature Normalization Index and 9th in the world.

AMI asked Dr. Morita to outline the advantages of holding academic and scientific conferences in Okinawa.

He replied: “Blessed with a pristine environment, including crystal-clear waters and coral reefs, Okinawa is an ideal location for meetings and conferences. Researchers and participants can get out of their daily routine, which helps to stimulate active communication and discussions in meetings.

“Okinawa is blessed with beautiful nature, and this amazing natural setting has the effect of enriching conversations during meetings. Some people may consider Okinawa is far, however its infrastructure has been improving. It will make Okinawa a more accessible destination from overseas.”

A selection of Okinawa’s many excellent venues

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・Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University: overlooking the beaches of Onna-son, this research and educational facility welcomes students and researchers from all around the world. Its Conference Center includes a 493-seat auditorium

・Bankoku Shinryokan: venue for the Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit, this resort-style property has a range of convention facilities and a professional support team set in a tropical paradise

・Hotel Collective: with a popular central location, this property has two pillarless ballrooms on the same floor. Providing flexible, fully-equipped meeting space, the Grand Ballroom offers 480 sqm and the Junior Ballroom 250 sqm

・Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island: a luxury hotel, its banquet hall has a large terrace with ocean views

・Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort: with five halls, the largest seating 400, this is a flexible meeting venue. Its terrace is ideal for an al fresco party enjoying the ocean breeze.

Unique venues for extraordinary events

・Valley of Gangala: a naturally formed limestone cave with extraordinary stalactites makes this a memorable and ancient venue

・Katsuren Castle: a rare opportunity to host a function at a UNESCO World Heritage site. Employ lighting and music to make the most of the majestic setting. Enjoy the spirit of warm hospitality that has been part of Okinawan culture since the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

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