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World’s largest telecommunications research conference Globecom World’s largest telecommunications research conference Globecom

The UAE’s engineering sector is enjoying significant investment and growth as the ambitious vision of Abu Dhabi 2030 unfolds towards a sustainable, diversified and high-value-added economy. Pioneering cutting-edge research at Khalifa University of Science and Technology is part of the attraction as prestigious international associations are being drawn to the Middle East’s premier venue ADNEC

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ADNEC, Abu Dhabi’s premier events venue[/caption]

Abu Dhabi is building for the future. The Emirate has invested billions of Dirham into its knowledge economy, identified sectors for growth and has encouraged partnerships with business, innovation and education to create a hub, not only for business but also for innovation. Business and associations are being attracted to the region for the opportunities to accelerate growth in growing economies.

International associations working in tandem with Abu Dhabi’s leading intellectual centres are playing a key part in facilitating the transition towards a knowledge-based economy through the promotion of innovation, knowledge sharing and professional development, thereby growing their membership across the region and developing strong partnerships.

Khalifa University is ranked the top University in the UAE and in the top 200 for Engineering and Technology by Times Higher Education. With more than 70 patents issued to its credit and the single biggest contributor to the UAE’s total number of patents in 2017, Khalifa University has so far received more than US$80 million in industry and government sponsored research contracts from over 50 organisations worldwide or based in the UAE.

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Ranked top in the UAE and among the top 200 for Engineering & Technology subjects, Khalifa University has 16 research centres[/caption]

ADNEC, in conjunction with Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau, worked with Khalifa University to bring one of IEEE’s flagship events to the Middle East for the first time in December 2018.  IEEE, the leading voice for engineering, computing and technology information, has more than 423,000 members in over 160 countries.

Billed as the world’s largest telecommunications research conference, Globecom brought together more than 2,000 specialists, engineers and researchers in the field of information and communication technology. Last year’s theme, ‘Gateway to a Connected World’, perfectly complemented ADNEC’s own commitment to innovation and technology.

ADNEC CCO Khalifa Al Qubaisi says: “We were proud to welcome the IEEE Globecom 2018 conference last year and look forward to welcoming two more prestigious engineering events, ICIP and GHGT in 2020, to our venue and to Abu Dhabi.”

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Abu Dhabi skyline[/caption]

Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President of Khalifa University of Science and Technology, comments: “Research underpins our overall academic strength, especially in science, technology and engineering areas. We successfully brought the 37th IEEE Global Communications Conference to Abu Dhabi, the first such event in the MENA region. We also have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program to host the 15th International Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT-15) in Abu Dhabi in 2020. We hope to expand our role in highlighting the role of research and innovation in emerging technology areas through such events.”

To accelerate business investment, Abu Dhabi has created ‘Ghadan 21’, a US$13.6 billion, three-year programme to seed the competitiveness of Abu Dhabi across four main pillars – business & investment, society, knowledge & innovation and lifestyle. In addition to this, the city’s newly announced tech hub, ‘Hub 71’, will offer up to US$272 million in investment and cost-of-living subsidies to start-ups that open for business in the hub as an incentive to encourage engineers to live and work in Abu Dhabi.

Khalifa Al Qubaisi added: “We are delighted to be working with Khalifa University to further Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision. With investment in engineering and emerging technology, we are investing in our future, creating a legacy and attracting global attention.”

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