ICC Sydney hosts prestigious World Congress of Accountants

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ICC Sydney Convention Centre, by Guy Wilkinson Photography ICC Sydney Convention Centre, by Guy Wilkinson Photography

Setting the blue print for the future of accounting, the International Convention Centre (ICC Sydney) was the ideal venue to welcome the prestigious World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) back to Australia.

Fast facts

• 4,000 delegates from 119 countries across four days • 70 exhibitors • 60 sessions • 77,000 sqms activated across integrated precinct including Convention Centre, Exhibition Centre and ICC Sydney Theatre alongside 44 meeting rooms • Pre and post event tours to major Sydney attractions including: First Nation walking tours of Darling Harbour; Bridge Climb; Maritime Museum and Sydney Tower Eye

Set on prime Sydney Harbour waterfront and considered a global symbol of excellence, ICC Sydney hosted thousands of accounting professional across three days for the staging of WCOA, a testament to Australia’s global reputation.


The venue delivered a trifecta of meticulous preparation, premium service and best-in-class facilities, activating the venue’s integrated facilities across its Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre to create a dynamic delegate experience.

The venue provided a world-class platform for collaboration and networking while allowing visitors and delegates to tap into the expertise and knowledge economy that surrounds ICC Sydney. Visitors equally enjoyed a full-spectrum Sydney experience, from harbour views and Indigenous cultural tours, to premium produce and 100 per cent fair trade coffee to excellent restaurants, cultural attractions and more.

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WCOA at ICC Sydney[/caption]

Congress Manager Jodie Hunt said: “We were incredibly lucky to have access to Sydney’s indigenous community groups such as Aunty Margret tours. Here, delegates were able to access walking tours within the vicinity of ICC Sydney and absorb the history of what goes into Darling Harbour.

“Having the right venue to bring groups together and facilitate dialogue between them underpins the success of any event, and this could not have been done any better than us working with ICC Sydney for ours.”

The numbers

Culinary • 96 per cent of 49,000 meals were sourced locally from farmers and growers • 100 per cent fair trade coffee served

CSR • Activated ICC Sydney Legacy Program to achieve: 6.3 per cent renewable energy score; 11,839 kgs of organic waste converted into bio fuel and fertiliser; 2,738 kwh of green energy produced; 5,187 kgs of left-over material donated to local charities.

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World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) at ICC Sydney[/caption]

Helping clients succeed

These outstanding results are a key example of driving best practice and showcasing both ICC Sydney and Australia as a premium event destination. To cultivate a lasting legacy for your next event, book with ICC Sydney today.

Helen Mantellato ICC Sydney Business Development Manager - International T: +61 2 9215 7100 E: [email protected]

To discover why there’s nothing like Australia for business events contact:

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