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AMI Editor James Lancaster catches up with Nikki Walker, Global VP Engagement - Associations & Communities, MCI Group to talk about the future of membership...


1:14 There is a craving to get back to face-to-face. None of our clients liked hybrid.

4:45 Associations who already had online communities thrived during the pandemic.

8:26 Associations have been too rigid in the way they protect membership.

14:00 Online communities are simple and not exorbitant. People forget they have to be managed.

16:00 The model of having a standalone conference where people sit and nod along quietly to someone on stage needs a revamp if we still expect people to travel.

21:50 The more someone in your community is engaged the more loyal they will be.

22:50 Be flexible. Be open to change. Be more…modern.


James Lancaster
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James Lancaster

AMI editor James Lancaster is a familiar face in the meetings industry and international association community. Since joining AMI in 2010, he has gained a reputation for asking difficult questions and getting lost in convention centres. Proofer, podcaster, and panellist - in his spare time, James likes to walk, read, listen to music, and drink beer.

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