Create an inspiring and impactful event in Canada

Face-to-face meetings are back, but attendees are more selective than ever when it comes to choosing which ones to attend in person. It’s never been more important to find ways to deliver on their heightened expectations for transformative, eye-opening programming and experiences.

(Photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis – Tourisme Montréal)

(Photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis – Tourisme Montréal)

Here are three ways Canada can help you host your most inspiring event ever:

(Photo credit: Explore Edmonton)

(Photo credit: Destination Vancouver/Hubert Kang)

(Photo credit: Explore Edmonton)

(Photo credit: Destination Vancouver/Hubert Kang)

1. Illuminating agendas

Many employees are striving to re-connect with peers and learn in person. But soaring prices and declining budgets mean they must strategically choose which events they’ll travel to. Faced with increased competition, organisations need to set their events apart by delivering real value and ROI.

One way to do that? By tapping into a destination’s local knowledge capital. Canada is home to exceptional expertise across sectors that span from life sciences to technology, and from advanced manufacturing to agribusiness.

Event planners can harness this to supercharge their conference programming, from leveraging Canadian innovators as keynote speakers to hosting site tours at state-of-the-art facilities that give attendees the chance to see innovations shaping the future.

2. Innovative approaches

The world has changed, and so too have business events. Sustainability has become a top priority for organisations and delegates, who are increasingly looking to reduce their impact on the environment, while also positively supporting local communities and cultures.

Canada makes it easy for visitors to do that. In fact, the Business Events team at Destination Canada has boldly launched a range of innovative initiatives that align with the latest industry trends. Knowing that sustainability has become a central consideration, it has rolled out the Canadian Business Events Sustainability Plan — a first-of-its-kind national programme aimed at improving the economic, social and environmental sustainability practices of events hosted across the country. And that’s only the start. From coast to coast to coast, planners will find partners leading the charge in sustainability practices and initiatives.

3. Inspiring settings

Imaginative event spaces have become a key selling point for delegates — and planners are taking note. The focus has shifted to event spaces that encourage creativity, spark transformative ideas and leave attendees feeling energised.

Canada is home to an abundance of out-of-the-box settings and venues. Inspire your attendees by hosting your event in a space overlooking the glistening Pacific Ocean and towering North Shore Mountains, at the Vancouver Convention Centre, or adjacent to the magnificent natural phenomenon that is Niagara Falls at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre.

Plan a conference people can't resist attending in person. Host yours in destinations across Canada and watch your attendance soar. The Destination Canada Business Events team can help you meet with purpose.  


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Senior Director of Business Development, Economic Sectors
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