The imagination capital of Australia

The Gold Coast is renowned for making things happen. A leader in innovation, it is fast gaining a reputation for cutting edge research and discovery.

With a rapidly growing knowledge sector, the Gold Coast is attracting increasing numbers of academic pioneers and creative thinkers. At the region’s three universities, Gold Coast academics are being recognised around the world for ground-breaking achievements in science, technology and health.

Investment is thriving across the sectors of Information Technology (IT), health, education and advanced manufacturing. Opportunities are expanding in education, finance, research, employment and enterprise, as the Gold Coast looks to the future and delivers its vision of sustainable growth and world-class business development. It is now one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

A collaborative approach

Helping to foster the conditions for inspirational thinking is a uniquely collaborative environment for clinical research innovation, creating the perfect conditions for a thriving knowledge economy. The Gold Coast’s Health and Knowledge Precinct (GCHKP) is where major education, research, science and health institutions co-mingle with business and industry, promoting a culture of innovation. GCHKP is a world-first AUS$5 billion health and knowledge arena.

With an open invitation to the global audience to meet, engage, learn and find the solutions the world needs, it is the ideal international association event destination.

Welcoming conventions

With the award-winning Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre and a wide choice of hotels and resorts to choose from, the city offers 22,000 rooms and a warm welcome.

But this is also a city surrounded by one of the world’s most enviable scenic wonderlands. From rolling surf to pristine rainforest, the Gold Coast’s magnificent natural environment anchors every event, inviting delegates to breathe deeply, enjoy the sunshine and imagine.

After a day of inspiration and collaboration, the Gold Coast continues to shine, taking every conference to the next unforgettable level with extraordinary off-site events.

Business Events Gold Coast

Business Events Gold Coast, a division of Destination Gold Coast, is designed to help deliver a highly successful business event. The team consists of professional and dedicated experts who share an in-depth knowledge of the business community, government, venues and specialist suppliers. With an emphasis on collaboration, sustainability and inclusion, it can:

  •  Bring imagination and ideas to every programme, offering insight into a range of local connections and speakers
  • Provide recommendations on its extensive network of venues, accommodation and specialist suppliers
  • Share ideas and suggestions related to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Facilitate the provision of support from government leaders and strategic partners
  • Develop compelling bids to attract international conferences
  • Conduct site inspections, pre-planning and offer delegate boosting support
  • Source venue proposals and itinerary planning