A message of support from convention bureaux around the world

With governments around the world halting all but essential travel, convention bureaux are feeling the strain.

But instead of waiting idly for the pandemic to end, many of them have launched inspiring campaigns to keep their destination on event professionals’ radars.


Monaco has managed to weather the COVID-19 storm steadily, so far, with only 95 confirmed cases and four deaths. However, like the rest of the association events industry, it has had to cancel or postpone most of its event.

And on the off chance planners should forget about the second smallest country in the world, the Monaco Tourist & Convention Authority has issued a simple message: “We miss you.”

The Monaco Convention Bureau and its partners have already adopted flexible trade policy to address the current crisis but have issued this campaign to stay in touch with organisers in a friendly way.


Both Visit Dubai and Visit Abu Dhabi have released short videos showcasing their now, eerily quiet destinations.

Visit Dubai’s “Till we meet again” reflects on this period as a time to take a break. “In this time when we all need to pause – take a moment to reflect, to breathe, to dream… Across our city, we are all in this together, with you. Until we meet again.”

Visit Abu Dhabi takes a stroll through its history, remembering the forebearers who built the state, “The silence is deafening, but this is not a time for sadness.”


Switzerland proves that a picture can say a thousand words.

Letting the Swiss landscape talk for itself, the Switzerland Tourism website opted to take prospective planners on a virtual tour around the country which evokes a sense of flying.



Meet in Rwanda’s beautifully-shot campaign asks people to stay home and stay safe.

“The world has gone quiet, our borders have closed, the skies are empty, but our hearts still beat loudly,” the video explains.

“We stand for unity and stand together. That’s why we know this difficult time will pass… We’ll discuss matters of the world and exchange ideas… but for now, let’s stay home and stay safe.”

United Kingdom

Events are GREAT, a subsidiary of Visit Britain has issued a colourful clip with the message: “Stronger Together.”

The short video reaches out to event planners to remind them that they’re not alone in this difficult time. An open letter reads:

“VisitBritain and its UK partners are committed to supporting you in any way we can as we navigate these turbulent times. As an industry united, we are stronger together.”