Associations are ‘the essential underpinning of a knowledge economy’

Building a knowledge economy relies on associations – because after university, “associations are delivering the vast majority of lifelong learning for every profession in the world.”

So says GainingEdge CEO Gary Grimmer in a video for The Iceberg presented by The Joint Meetings Industry Council, ‘Business and Professional Events: Change Agents or Travel Agents’.

Grimmer argues that business events should not be viewed as merely vehicles for the consumption of hospitality supply, but also as a transformative strategy for countries to develop their knowledge economies. “What’s more important is that governments understand this is a strategy for improving medical care, this is a strategy for improving standards, this is a strategy for attracting new talent.”

Leading destinations are increasingly targeting business events that will add value to their key sectors of economic development.

Gregg Talley, President and CEO of the Talley Management Group, notes: “Most of our groups now are making mission-based decisions on where we are going to take our meeting. Where are the destinations that understand what we’re trying to achieve and can actually help us amplify the message that we’re trying to get out there or the outcome that we’re trying to achieve.”


Video Credit: The Iceberg presented by The Joint Meetings Industry Council.