Lumir Lab lights up Israel’s leading role in medical cannabis research

Israel is extending its reputation as a world leader in medical cannabis research with the establishment of Lumir Lab, a specialist cannabinoid research lab on the Hebrew University of Jerusalem campus.

The lab, led by Czech analytic chemist Lumír Ondřej Hanuš, specialises in the research and development of cannabinoids, one of the active ingredients unique to the cannabis plant. It represents a $2.3 million investment by the Asana Bio Group, an Israeli holding company that takes part in medical cannabis financing.

Asana CEO and Founder Yotam Hod says: “The establishment of the laboratory providing validated clinical studies is an important milestone for cannabis in the world. Currently, the vast majority of the products of cannabis available in various markets have no scientific basis for any, which prevents the medical community to support the legitimacy of treatments based on cannabis.”

Lumir Lab’s first research and development cooperation is with Gynica, a company that specialises in cannabis-based solutions for women’s health, working on a treatment for endometriosis. Gynica is led by Professor Moshe Hod, serving President of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine (EAPM) and Professor of Gynecology at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine.

Israel has one of the world’s most progressive regulatory frameworks for medical cannabis, and investors from all over the world are pumping millions into the country’s fledgling marijuana start-ups, eyeing a market that some believe will be worth US$20m a year by 2020 in the US alone.

Israel has an established core of specialist knowledge in the field: Tikun Olam, Israel’s oldest medical cannabis clinic and production company, has been going for 10 years and now has 9,000 patients. Jerusalem’s Hebrew University is home to the Multidisciplinary Center on Cannabinoid Research (MCCR), the leading center in Israel for conducting and coordinating research on cannabinoids, endocannabinoids and medical cannabis.

The International Cannabinoid Research Society’s International Symposium on the Cannabinoids 2021 will take place at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center (ICC) hosted by MCCR, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Conventions & Visitors Bureau (JCVB). The meeting will mark the 90th birthday of Professor Raphael Mechoulam, regarded as ‘the father of cannabinoid research’, in his hometown.

Ilanit Melchior, director of Tourism in Jerusalem, said: “Bringing this global symposium to Jerusalem emphasizses the ongoing collaboration between multiple institutions including the JCVB, ICC, and MCCR. This partnership was only possible with the shared vision in highlighting the city’s potential as a leading scientific conference destination. Jerusalem offers an ideal setting to host 400 researchers, to promote the exchange of scientific information and gain new perspectives about cannabis.”

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