Maastricht emerges as biomaterials innovator

Maastricht has emerged as a new bio-hub, with the Netherlands city hosting three major international conferences targeting the sector in coming years.

The MECC Maastricht will welcome the annual European Conference on Biomaterials 9-13 September; followed by the European Congress on Biotechnology in 2020 and finally, the Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB) in 2021.

The conference wins come on the back of combined efforts by venue MECC Maastricht and the Maastricht Convention Bureau in conjunction with local knowledge centres Maastricht University, Brightlands Health Campus, MUMC+ (Maastricht University Medical Center+), science-based corporate DSM, TU Eindhoven (Eindhoven University of Technology) and chemical innovation community Chemelot.

Thanks in part to the developments at the Brightlands campuses, Maastricht and the region is one of the most promising areas for growth when it comes to research on biomaterials and the application of these in clinical practice. Some 950 international experts will take part in the conference next week to learn about the latest innovations in the field. In recent years, countless companies in the region have placed a special focus on the development of innovative biomaterials which may be used in the human body or other living systems. These applications include the development of complete heart valves, tissue for bone reconstruction and even minuscule artificial ‘spheres’ measuring a hundredth of a millimetre filled with antibiotics that release medicine at the exact location of an infection.

The chairman of the 2018 European Conference on Biomaterials Prof Dr Pamela Habibović says: “The current developments in biomaterials and regenerative medicine taking place in Maastricht and the local area have not gone unnoticed in the Netherlands and beyond. Limburg is the place where university research groups, hospitals, business and, uniquely enough, the province, all work together to produce innovations that can make the difference for patients. It’s really only logical that the international experts come together in Maastricht to talk about these innovations.”


Featured image: Prof. Dr. Pamela Habibović. Photo credit Sacha Ruland

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