Paris to be the hub for HealthTech investor forum

HealthTech Innovation Days will return to Paris this year after a successful debut in France’s blooming biotech capital in 2019.

Launched by France Biotech, the forum brings together leaders in health technology, international pharmaceutical companies, investors, key opinion leaders, and patient associations with the goal of advancing access to cutting-edge health technologies for all patients.

Maryvonne Hiance, President of HTID, says: “Europe is brimming with game-changing, life science start-ups and SMEs looking for the right support to make their innovations available to patients and meet the medical challenges of the future. The objective of HTID is to become the cornerstone of exchanges between key industry players.”

Paris is a fitting host for the event. In the past decade, France has established a vibrant biotech sector with a decided focus on clinical drug development. Indeed, several international pharma brands, including Sanofi S.A., Servier Laboratories, Ipsen, Pierre Fabre and LFB Biotechnologies, are French companies.

A survey by France Biotech notes the French healthcare sector is comprised of more than 1,800 companies, including 720 biotech companies, 73 bio-cleantech companies, 886 companies specialised in medical devices and diagnostics and 200 companies focusing on eHealth.

The French capital is a hub of biotech research. The Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), has five facilities in Paris, including its headquarters. Its affiliate health-focused organisation the Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (Inserm) has more than 5,000 employees, including more than 2,000 researchers, contributing to more than 13,000 scientific publications – the third best institute in the world in terms of the number of published articles.

Meanwhile, the private Parisian engineering school Sup’Biotech specialises in biotech and also acts as an incubator for potential start-ups; while UK company Runlabs has opened a brand new biotech lab and accelerator in Paris.

France Biotech itself is headquartered at the Imagine Institute in Paris, an interdisciplinary research centre in molecular medicine in the field of genetic diseases.

The independent association brings together HealthTech entrepreneurs and their expert partners to help startups and SMEs become international leaders capable of rapidly developing and bringing innovative solutions to patients.

A report published by France Biotech found that since the beginning of 2017, eight companies had IPOs with an average value of €30m. The stock market Euronext – the biggest on the continent for the life sciences space – found that Paris accounted for nearly half of all companies listed on it, followed by Brussels (29pc) and Amsterdam (26pc).

Some of the largest Paris-based biotech successes in recent times include: Lysogene, which develops gene therapies and orphan drugs; biopharmaceutical company Theranexus, which develops drug candidates to be used in the treatment of central nervous system disorders; Carmat, a designer and developer of one of the world’s most advanced total artificial hearts. Other Paris-based heavy hitters include Nanobiotix, Genfit (GNFT), Pharnext (Euronext: ALPHA).

Last year, more than 500 health and life science professionals attended the first iteration of HTID, with more than 900 private meetings held between companies across biotech, medtech and digital health, and international experts from academia, government and finance.

Franck Mouthon, President of France Biotech says: “We created this event with patients’ best interests in mind. The goal is to build partnerships within the health and finance industry so all patients can have access to the most advanced technologies and care.”

To qualify, participating companies need a market capitalization of at least €20 million.

HealthTech Innovation Days (HTID®) will be held in Paris on June 22-23, 2020.


(via, Silicon Republic, France Biotech, Forbes, HTID)