Prague prepares for flood of emergency medicine knowledge

Prague’s emergency medicine practitioners hope hosting the 13th Congress of the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) will support further development of the fledgling field in the Czech Republic.

Some 2,000 specialists from around the world working in the field of emergency medicine are expected to attend the event at the Prague Congress Center, 12-16 October.

With International Emergency Medicine Day falling this week – 27 May – the Czech Republic marked celebrations with a case study seminar of the Emergency Department for Adult Patients at the Motol University Hospital on 23 May.

“The aim of the international day is to popularize the field of emergency medicine and show the general public and politicians that the emergency care system has a major impact on reducing mortality and subsequent healthcare costs,” says MUDr. Jana Šeblová, Ph.D., FESEM, the local ambassador of the EuSEM Congress.

“Emergency medicine plays an irreplaceable role. For example, last year, over one million patients – almost one in ten citizens – were treated during emergency runs of EMS in the Czech Republic, and others were treated at the existing emergency departments.”

Emergency medicine is a relatively young specialty in the Czech Republic: it celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2018. At present, more than 600 doctors are dedicated to the field, which includes both pre-hospital and in-hospital immediate care via the emergency medical service and emergency departments, and also disaster preparedness for immediate response in cases of mass casualties and disasters such as floods or terrorist attacks.

The field of knowledge is growing; the network of EMS stations and teams is constantly expanding, leading to a reduction of average response time. In Prague it is currently about eight minutes.

Czech emergency medicine specialists are expected to benefit from presentations from 200 leaders on all fields of contact, but also on the psychological stress arising from critical situations, and on career opportunities in emergency medicine. In addition, they will be able to participate in team competitions in clinical scenarios or interactive blocks, to test their knowledge.

Roman Muška, Managing Director of Prague Convention Bureau, adds: “The congress, which will be held for four days in six parallel sections, will include a local one-day conference. It will certainly contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and innovations in this field among Czech experts, and it will support further development of emergency medicine in our country. The fact that we have top doctors and specialists not only in emergency medicine in Prague and the Czech Republic is evidenced by our statistics: medical topics are among the most discussed in the Czech capital in the long term.”

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