Qatar joins forces for All Together Better Health

A collaboration between Qatar University and Qatar Tourism Authority has brought the All Together Better Health (ATBH) conference to Doha in 2020, the first time the biennial event has been hosted in the Middle East.

The conference is expected to gather more than 500 health and social care professionals, medical educators, policy makers and students from around the globe for a three-day program which addresses global health challenges against the backdrop of Qatar’s state-of-the-art education and health facilities.

Dr. Johanna Dahlberg, Chair of, the World Confederation for Interprofessional Practice and Education, says: “The confederation, with representations across the globe, welcomes the exciting opportunity for Qatar University (QU) to host the conference and recognises the development of interprofessional practice and education in the Middle East.”

Dr. Egon Steen Toft, VP for Medical & Health Sciences at QU, adds: “Qatar University is proud to have landed this global congress in Qatar. It was a fierce competition and only accomplished thanks to the support from Qatar Tourism Authority, the dedicated work of our team internally headed by Alla El-Awaisi and the contribution of our outreach teams. The congress will give the newly formed QU Health international recognition.”

The QU Health cluster aims to provide closer alignment and integration between the health entities at QU, supporting research, graduate studies, clinical affairs, continuous professional development, interprofessional education, engagement and communication, as well as business operations.

Qatar recently launched an ambitious National Health Strategy (NHS) 2018-2022, with the triple objective of ‘better health’, ‘better care’ and ‘better value’ under the theme ‘Our Health, Our Future’. It focuses on seven priority population groups, moving from focusing on treating the symptoms of disease to helping people stay healthy. In addition, the strategy specifies five priorities at the health system level, ranging from enhancing comprehensive care to health promotion in all policies to cover the basics of effective healthcare as defined by the World Health Organisation.

The win is not be the first time QU demonstrates its commitment to interprofessional leadership: in 2015, QU hosted the first Interprofessional Education Symposium followed by the First Middle Eastern Conference in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice with the theme: New Frontiers in Healthcare Education.

Dr Alla El-Awaisi, College of Pharmacy Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and QU Health Chair of the Interprofessional Education Committee, says, “We are very much looking forward to organising this global conference and creating opportunities for the participants to relate IPE and collaborative practice to global strategies for health and health care and promote an interprofessional culture in both academic and practice settings.”

(via Qatar University, Gulf Times)

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