‘Youthful energy’ makes Aarhus a perfect match for YMCA

A strong  youth, volunteer and sustainability culture has drawn YMCA’s 20th World Council to Aarhus, Denmark in July 2022.

More than 1,500 delegates are expected to convene in the city for the four-yearly event, which aims to empower young people so they may transform the world for the better. A focal point of the 2022 council will be the conditions and opportunities for young people in a globalised society.

Special attention will also be given to the United Nations’ Sustainable Global Goals, of which the YMCA Movement is having an impact on all 17. Host organisations YMCA and YWCA in Denmark are looking forward to contributing to the effort, with the Global Goals already an integral part of their activities.

VisitAarhus Convention Director Allan Tambo Christensen says: “Aarhus and YMCA and YWCA are a perfect match, as the organisation, like Aarhus, represents a strong volunteer culture. At the same time, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are one of the Council’s focus areas. This will enable us to showcase solutions and cases on sustainability that Aarhus and Denmark have and are working towards.”

In Denmark, YMCA and YWCA represents a strong volunteer tradition among the many local associations that are one of the core activities in Denmark. The organisation has a major focus on the democratic inclusion of children and young people in associational life and society, something the organisation looks forward to presenting at YMCA World Council in 2022.

YMCA and YWCA in Denmark Chair Henriette Lynderup Kirkeskov and Co-Chair Jens Christian Kirk says: “We offer ourselves as hosts hoping that we are able to further develop the connection between our local and global activities. The everyday life of young people is full of global and changeable perspectives. At YMCA and YWCA we want young people to embrace these conditions. At the same time, we want them to be highly engaged in their local society and stand by their values, when embracing the world.

“This is something we work on each week in our local associations and activity centres, and we are convinced that hosting the Council will strengthen us in our work prior to, during and after the meeting.”

YMCA-YWCA in Denmark intends to strengthen its cooperation with local councils, companies and organisations as YMCA World Council approaches in 2022, with a focus on inspiration and change in Denmark. Aarhus will also be adding a youth congress to the series of international events in the city.

World YMCA Secretary General Carlos Madjri Sanvee says World YMCA was impressed with the proposal YMCA and YWCA in Denmark put forward for its 20th World Council. “YMCA and YWCA in Denmark presented an exciting proposal for a modern, interactive and youthful World Council and Aarhus was the clear and obvious choice as host city. We look forward to engaging even more young people through the carefully tailored programme filled with youthful energy.”