How to create online events that will excite sponsors and exhibitors

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced associations to make the switch from in-person to virtual events, but how can you convince sponsors and exhibitors to follow you online? In this session you’ll learn how to create events that help your partners engage with your community in a meaningful and fruitful way.

What you can discover:

  • Find out what sponsors want from a virtual event
  • How can you help them engage with your delegates?
  • Which formats do sponsors and exhibitors prefer?
  • How to add value for your ‘gold-star’ or ‘premium’ sponsors?
  • How to monetise online events

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Who is hosting the webinar?

James Lancaster

James Lancaster is Editor of AMI magazine, the leading title for association executives, secretaries general and organisers of international not-for-profit meetings. An award-winning journalist, he worked for various national and regional publications in the UK, focusing chiefly on news, business and public affairs, before joining AMI in November 2010. He is a seasoned commentator on association and meetings industry issues and a frequent panellist at association forums and trade shows.
James has enlisted the help from the UKs leading industry experts to discuss this topic in more detail.

Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker is the CEO of Arinex. She has a depth of expertise unmatched among her peers and a commitment to work with every client. Nicole has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in event management and drives personal engagement that sets the Arinex team apart in its capability.

Annalisa Ponchia

Annalisa Ponchia, Director of Innovation and Customer Experience AIM Group International. With 30 years international experience in events and association management, Annalisa Ponchia has deep roots in the industry and has organized conferences and events around the globe for the corporate sector, government and associations. Working with the ESOT Board and team, she has organised all their scientific and education events, including the biennial Congress (which regularly attracts over 4,000 attendees), she has created innovative new formats, leveraged emerging technologies and learning techniques.

William Thomson

William Thomson has almost twenty years’ experience in dealing with every aspect of an event. William always looks to the future and the digital capabilities. As a Meeting Designer and past Curator of Europe’s first Event Technology event William works at the cutting edge of events.


Date: Available on demand
60 minutes
Cost: Free


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