Women listening intently at conferenceSeptember 16, 2022Sustainable eventsWhy it's time to listen to your delegatesLeadership: You dont get to the top by fluke - Christina LewellenMarch 23, 2022Leadership: You dont get to the top by fluke - Christina LewellenChristina Lewellen, executive director of the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS), chats with Holly Patrick about her intentional career path to CEO level, managing sustainable growth and dealing with loneliness at the top...Nikki Walker deep diveFebruary 9, 2022Deep Dive S4EP2: There's a craving for face to face - Nikki Walker MCI GroupAMI Editor James Lancaster catches up with Nikki Walker, Global VP Engagement - Associations & Communities, MCI Group to talk about the future of membership...Deep Dive S3EP2: Communication is crucial  Annamaria IagnoccoNovember 11, 2021Deep Dive S3EP2: Communication is crucial Annamaria IagnoccoHow have association leaders managed through the pandemic, how have they overcome challenges and how have they adapted to lead from the front in a post-pandemic era? Here to discuss all this and more with Holly Patrick is professor Annamaria Iagnocco, president of the European Alliance of Associations...close up of smartphoneOctober 28, 2021Social media vs owned platformsWhere should you be building your online community?hands joined in middle June 28, 2021Community and events: how one serves the otherCommunity and events: how one serves the otherJeff de ~Cagna deep diveJune 18, 2021Deep Dive S1: Jeff De Cagna on the problems of membershipMembership is not going away, but it should not define how international associations build relationships with stakeholders who could, potentially, add great value to their organisations. So says Jeff De Cagna, aka The Association Contrarian, who thinks the way associations either define people as...Smiling group of womenMay 13, 2021Community is great so long as events don’t get lost in the mixOne of the peculiarities of the internet is how it has connected individuals across previously unimaginable orbits, while simultaneously leading people to lead more atomised, separated lives. This tension has forced us to rethink what we mean by community and what we have gained and lost in relation...hand holding a yellow clockMarch 24, 2021The one thing missing from virtual events...Virtual technology has allowed us to reimagine what an event can be, free of the constraints of time and space. Mathijs Vleeming reckons this is the perfect opportunity to focus on online community...light particlesMarch 15, 2021Zooming outWhat does the future hold for online engagement?Show More