‘Thriving in a crisis’ will be focus of African association summit

Enhancing partnerships, growth and opportunities for associations in a post-pandemic Africa, is the theme of this year’s African Association Summit (AAS3).

Jeffers Miruka

The AAS3, launched by the African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE) in 2019, was due to be held at the Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda but will go ahead 23-24 September as a hybrid event.

The summit will bring together African and international associations and not-for-profit executives to discuss the future of the association landscape across Africa post-pandemic.

“Africa, like the rest of the world has borne the brunt of a crippling health crisis that has shaken the foundation of the socio-economic well-being of its people.

“The not-for-profit sector including Associations has not been spared the ramifications of the pandemic. Unfortunately, this has led to the weakening of many organizations and in some cases, others have totally collapsed,” AfSAE president Jeffers Miruka said. “Yet, amidst this crisis, some have reinvented themselves and managed to not only stay afloat but even thrive.”

The summit will explore how have they succeeded and what separates the successful ones from those struggling.

Focus points will be on how an organisation leverages innovation, partnerships, and its positioning in the association market.

“The covid-19 crisis has provided organisations with an opportunity to re-evaluate their long-term sustainability plans, retool their business approaches, embrace purposeful collaborations, and fully seize new emerging opportunities. Adaptation is the name of the game,” Miruka added.

Delegates will get the opportunity to hear from a range of speakers in keynote discussions, panel discussions and plenary Q&A sessions.

Networking opportunities will also be on offer for African association executives to collaborate with their international counterparts and to highlight the contribution of African associations in the socio-economic development agenda of the continent.

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