Deep Dive S3: John Martinez, CEO Shocklogic

John Martinez, CEO of event management software company Shocklogic, grew up in the slums of Caracas, Venezuela, with 19 adopted siblings before eventually going on to gain a PHD in Quantum Physics from M.I.T. In this edition of Deep Dive he explains how his extraordinary upbringing shaped his values and leadership style.

1:25: “We were very, very, very poor. But it was a home full of love.”

4:33 “My mum was brilliant at swimming the system.”

7:06 “Having straight As was a job. If you got a B – you were fired!”

9:20 “I chose a military academy. I think I was desperate for structure!”

11:50 “My mum would say I don’t want you to start fights, but I want you to finish them!”

16:50 “My math teacher really took me under his wing.”

18:55 “I had no idea people could earn a living organising conferences!”

26:00 “I was very lucky at Congrex. I was surrounded by wonderful mentors.”

28:40 “In order to run a successful company you need three brains.”

35:00 “I came back into the market in 2009. That defined all my ignorance!”

42:00 “Who didn’t wobble in the last two years wasn’t alive.”

46:50 Everyone needs to play for their own team.”




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