Deep Dive S2: ‘We need to get back to purpose’, Geneviève Leclerc

Geneviève Leclerc, managing director of the International Society of Limnology, talks to AMI editor James Lancaster about Meet4Impact, the not-for-profit movement she co-founded in 2019, which aims to encourage associations and host destinations to create more sustainable, impactful meetings that benefit society.

1:48: “At some point I thought ‘what are we accomplishing through these meetings?’

3:30: “I realised impact was lighting a fire in people’s eyes.”

6:41: “Delivering on your mission is more than making sure people learn from each other.”

16:00: “It’s about identifying what unique change you want to see.”

18:00: “The pandemic has profoundly changed the landscape.”

25:00: ” I truly believe cities are the agents of transformation.”

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