Five Minutes With… Marc Mekki, co-founder of Bond

Holly Patrick talks to Marc Mekki, co-founder of Bond for this bonus-length episode of Five Minutes With…

They delve into the ever-evolving strategies of building a community for your association members on social media platforms and the pitfalls that can come with using the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn.

At 1:30 Marc outlines the risks of using social media platforms that collect, store and use data. “on social media platforms, you are not in charge of data… they want you to engage so they can monetize your connection.”

Marc also explains how algorithms will reduce what your audience sees on social media (3:00) “Why? Because they want you to pay to reach those people. So while your posting and putting a huge amount of effort in thinking your members will see your post, only a small percentage will.”

Then there’s the question of being compliant (6:10). While encouraging members to submit data to join social media communities, is the association being compliant to privacy regulations?
So then how do you build a community (8:00)? An association is a community by definition but to encourage engagement among the community, take it back to basics, Marc explains.
“Deploy something like a forum. A forum is the oldest form of community building and still very effective…”

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