GainingEdge taps US with Arena Destination Marketing link up

Business events consultancy GainingEdge has announced a partnership with New York-based Arena Destination Marketing to help international destinations secure US convention business.

The companies have had a working relationship for several years, representing the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, Meetings Africa and the Guadalajara Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The new partnership will enable clear communication between the convention owners, the proposed destination and all the decision-makers involved, allowing for a single solution rather than having to manage relationships with multiple representation companies.

“Through this partnership, we are able to provide strong support in communicating to all the decision-makers, not just in the USA but all over the world,” GainingEdge CEO Jon Sivertson said.

“Most in-market representation companies operate in single markets, so, in the case of North America most only offer services within that region. GainingEdge now provides a seamless solution, sourcing business from North America but also having the ability to connect to people in other parts of the world that are decision-makers or influencers for meetings coming out of the US.”

The need for clear coordination and communication to win and successfully host convention business was highlighted by Arena Destination Marketing Partner vice president, Alessandra Delmonte.

“The most successful destinations have representation where the decisions are being made. But, they also have to work locally to develop relationships with local hosts and to put together bids that are more strategic and have a higher chance of success. This partnership means that we can offer destinations strong support at both ends of that value chain. It’s a uniquely integrated solution.”

Currently, GainingEdge has offices in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, The Hague, Johannesburg, Dubai, and Vancouver.

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