ICCA Indonesia committee aims to strengthen country’s appeal

In a bid to advance Indonesia’s appeal as a preferred business events destination, ICCA Indonesia launched a national committee earlier this year to enhance collaborative opportunities within the wider association.

“The initiative to set up a national committee is indeed a significant move for Indonesia to capitalise on the importance of associations,” said Noor Hamid, regional director of ICCA Asia Pacific.

“It serves as a platform for greater teamwork and collaboration, and a strong voice to represent the meetings industry. Members will be able to exchange knowledge, embark on activities, and align effort towards the same goals, leading to the concerted promotion of the country as a viable destination for international conferences and events.”

The ICCA Indonesia Committee first met at the ICCA Member Pacto Convex’s office in the capital Jakarta in January 2019. The meeting was attended by all members.

The ICCA Indonesia Committee is currently headed by Raty Ning of Pacto Convex. The co-deputy chairs are Muhammad Reza Abdullah from Royalindo Expoduta, Farid Patria from The Trans Luxury Hotel and Ralph Scheunemann from JIEXPO Convention Centre and Theatre. The remaining committee members consist of four advisory board members and two treasurers.

“The establishment of the national committee brings together ten industry leaders and government representative from the meeting and events sector in Indonesia. Through this industry-initiated forum, we aim to encourage successful participation in the growth of the meeting and events industry in Indonesia, develop membership and networking opportunities, and foster international exchanges and professional development,” said Ning.

“Moving forward, we are optimistic that the ICCA Indonesia Committee could become a good platform to promote Indonesia as an important convention destination both nationally and internationally and increase educational opportunities for young professionals and continue education programs for senior professionals.”

The newly formed country committee is one of the six-country committees in the Asia Pacific region. These include ICCA Australia, ICCA China, ICCA India, ICCA Indonesia, ICCA Malaysia and ICCA Thailand.

To date, ICCA Indonesia comprises 10-member organisations from across the archipelago, including Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya and Tangerang.