IFEMA launches Security and Emergency Coordination Centre

Barcelona’s IFEMA has launched its Security and Emergency Coordination Centre (CECOR) to safeguard the operation of its events.

The centre is an extension of its existing Security Control Centre which ensures thorough monitoring during events.

The new centre will ensure that IFEMA coordinates effectively with other public and private security and emergency structures to cover IFEMA’s different areas of activity, such as fairs, congresses and leisure events attended by large numbers of people.

As well as its existing Security Control Centre, the Coordination Centre will be used to share real-time information with other units, such as images, radio frequency communications and data exchange. This is aimed at ensuring comprehensive monitoring is carried out during the organising and staging of events.

CECOR features two large screens for viewing selected images of the event, radio frequency equipment for monitoring communications in connection with incidents in the operation of the security system, as well as hands-free telephone lines, cable to internet, in addition to Wi-Fi, and general and event-specific planimetry, plus the application of security protocols, among others.

Initially, this organisational measure will be used for concerts at the request of public authorities, IFEMA and external operators.

However, it may also be deployed for other events such as congresses, fairs and shareholders’ meetings, which, due to their characteristics and circumstances may require such a measure.

The ultimate aim is to perfect coordination procedures between the IFEMA’s security teams and those of other organisations involved in events.

With this initiative, which strengthens the security operations that IFEMA implements for all meetings at its venues, the institution has taken a step to significantly improve the response support in terms of good practices and providing added value to the service provided by IFEMA to its clients.