Legacy and research lands Edinburgh a major Endometriosis conference

The World Endometriosis Society has chosen Edinburgh as the host city for its 15th World Congress on Endometriosis in 2023.

The University of Edinburgh and its MRC Centre for Reproductive Health and Centre for Inflammation Research has been leading research in the disease which affects an estimated 190 million people worldwide.

The congress, at Edinburgh International Conference Centre, is expected to be attended by 1,200 delegates and inject £3m into the local economy. It will bring together leading researchers in the field together to advance evidence-based standards and innovations for education, advocacy, clinical care, and research in endometriosis.

Andrew Horne, professor of gynaecology and reproductive sciences at the University of Edinburgh’s MRC Centre for Reproductive Health said: “Being chosen to host WCE2023 is a recognition of the progress in endometriosis discovery that has come out of our excellent team from the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health and Centre for Inflammation Research.”

Professor Andrew Horne

Endometriosis is listed by the National Health Service (NHS) as one of the 20 most painful diseases and carries a significant personal and socio-economic burden. Those with endometriosis experience an average diagnostic delay of eight years and are often, during the life course of the disease, subjected to multiple hit-and-miss treatments with a variety of efficacy and side effects.

Most recently, the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health has been researching how dichloroacetate, a drug used to treat rare metabolic conditions in children, can help people with endometriosis. Prof Horne said it’s too early for any conclusive results on how well the drug works but that the findings so far are “exciting”.

EICC CEO Marshall Dallas added: “Scotland has been at the forefront of global healthcare for centuries, and over the last twenty-five years the EICC has been a focal point for many of the world’s largest healthcare conferences.

“Our team has been working closely with Professors Horne and Saunders, and the World Endometriosis Society for several years, to bring the event to Edinburgh, so it’s with great pleasure that we’re able to announce the news today.  It’s a positive boost for the city, as we look ahead to association and business events returning to Edinburgh.”

For more information about endometriosis and the congress visit:

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