Osaka updates Covid guidelines to kickstart city’s events industry

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau has released its ‘Guidelines for MICE Event Organisers for Infectious Disease Control’ in a bid to regenerate the city’s exhibition, academic conferences and business events industry.

The guidelines, which were first released in June and revised in July to include the government’s adjustment on easing voluntary restrictions on business, set out three stages of creating safe business events.

The guidelines have been put together by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, under the guidance of infectious disease and sought consensus from the Osaka prefectural and city governments. They take various factors into consideration including government policies and reflect the voices of meetings industry partners, the precedent of other industries, and the resumption of meeting and events activities around the world.

“In Osaka prefecture, Osaka city, and at the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, we place strategic significance on the economic vitalisation of the MICE industry and believe that it is imperative we establish an environment where MICE events can restart while mitigating infection risk,” said a spokesperson from the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau.

“In order to also allow the economy ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic to recover, we believe business activities must be encouraged and MICE events with their large economic ripple effect must be restarted as soon as possible.

“Furthermore, because MICE events require extensive planning with their preparation and attracting attendees, many event organizers have expressed to us their strong desire for guidance, as soon as possible, on the best courses of action in their event planning.”

In 2021, Osaka is set to host a wealth of international conferences, including the International Conference on Management Science and Industrial Engineering, the International Conference on Robotics & Artificial Intelligence and the World Summit on Oil, Gas & Petroleum Engineering.

The Guidelines for MICE Event Organizers for Infectious Disease Control can be downloaded here.

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