Deep Dive S2: Thomas Reiser, executive director, ISTH

Thomas Reiser has been executive director of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis for ten years. In this first episode of Season 2 of Deep Dive he talks to James Lancaster about the last 18 months, the lessons he has learned, and the challenges of the future.

1:30 “If you’ve been given lemons, make limoncello out of it!”

2:30 “One of our board members said, ‘guys this is not looking good’. So, we pivoted quickly!”

5:30 It’s getting more challenging. The expectations for virtual are rising and rightly so.”

11:50 “Keystone events will do well. ‘Me too’ events are going to have a harder time.”

12:32 “We need to evolve our formats to show the ROI of the physical get-together”

I5.59 “Associations have to start looking at how dependent they are on conferences economically”

16:20 “We’re going to start looking at destinations more closely. You don’t need taxi strikes on top of everything else.”

18:05: “I am super impressed with how accommodating and collaborative the meetings industry has been, but obviously that can’t last for ever.”

20:20 “In the virtual world we had a higher number of women attending conference. That was startling.

23:00 “Our organisation was thrown in the spotlight like never before, and we were very well prepared.

24:00 “We had very good board – staff relations which allowed us to act very quickly! That’s super important.

26:00: “I can only recommend this book!”

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