Deep Dive S2: ‘There are incredibly powerful arguments for meetings’, Martin Sirk.

In this episode of Deep Dive, AMI editor James Lancaster catches up with Martin Sirk, International Advisor to the Global Association Hubs Partnership and owner of consultancy Sirk Serendipity. And they cover some ground! Including:

Why thinking in ‘national’ terms risks disappointment (0:45); how associations are committed  to meeting in-person (3.56); how the pandemic has forced associations to think about their mission (5:02) and completely re-evaluate how they think about risk (5:55); why associations are now laser-focused on meeting outcomes (8:45); why we’re already using  vaccine passports’ (10:45); why meeting designers need to focus on what’s hard to replicate online (18:35); how the relationship between cities and associations has shifted from transactional to partnership (21.00); the defining role of sustainability over the next decade (27:14); why we need much better metrics on meeting outcomes (30:00); his predictions for the next 12 months, five years, and 10 years (35:43); and the best book he’s read this year (40:37).


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