Film star: how to spice up your association meeting with video

The creative use of video can help engage delegates and potential sponsors. It can also build attendance and greatly broaden visibility. Corbin Ball explains how…

Content generators (speakers, entertainers, exhibitors etc)

  1. Create a short video from the CEO, show organisers, or key volunteers about why viewers should attend this meeting. This promo clip should give a quick overview of the coming event, information on how to register, and a ‘save the date’ reminder. Include a call to action.
  2. Promo videos should be high-definition and short (90-120 seconds – three minutes maximum). Educational content videos can be longer.
  3. Post to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on your website, and use embedded video links in promotional emails. Video links have a much greater click-through and share rate than standard email communications.
  4. Create and promote an event hashtag as a search vehicle through all social media channels (especially Instagram and Twitter) including video. Be sure to choose a hashtag that it short, memorable and unique.
  5. Ask speakers to film a short promo about their talk and post to YouTube.

During the event:

  1. Crowdsource your event content and production with a cloud-based platform such as Cinebody.
  2. Webcast the keynote addresses and other key portions of the event extending the event far beyond the four walls of the meetings space. A video production crew should be used for high-profile video production.
  3. Create time-lapse footage of the event set-up to play during the event.
  4. Stream portions of your event to remote audiences in a hybrid meeting format or as a webcast to increase the audience of your event.
  5. Record your CEO or other executives discussing something cool, new or important about your association or a specific product.

After the event:

  1. An edited video of conference highlights to showcase the event can be posted at the association website and on social media channels. Videos allow you to show rather than tell how spectacular the event was. This content makes excellent marketing material for next year’s event website.
  2. This video should be posted to YouTube to reach a larger audience, be in high definition, and short (about three minutes). Choose key words carefully in the title, description and when tagging.
  3. Ask sponsors, participants, and speakers to share event-related videos on their social media channels. An easy way to increase audience reach.
  4. Video recordings of the sessions (all or part of them) can be posted for on-demand viewing (for pay, for free, with restricted access to attendees only, for members only, or open to everyone). Ideally, the video and audio should be combined with the PowerPoint slides and other presentation graphics though content capture and distribution services such Digitell.
  5. Videos of key sessions can be highlighted throughout the year providing continuous fresh website content on a regular basis improving web traffic.