On demand: legacy – a new dawn or another false start?

Legacy after Covid: a new dawn or another false start?

The meetings industry has been talking about legacy for years now, but a report last year suggested there was very little agreement on what it meant. In this webinar we ask if the pandemic has helped define what we mean by the term and to what extent it resonates with associations themselves. As countries start to lift restrictions on meeting in-person will this be a watershed moment for legacy – and if so, who should be driving the legacy agenda: cities, convention bureaux, or associations?

  • What is legacy and does it matter?
  • Who benefits: the city, the association, residents? All three?
  • Does it matter more after Covid-19?
  • How do you measure legacy?
  • Will legacy impact the bidding process?
  • Where to start on legacy?


1hr: moderated panel discussion.

Chair: James Lancaster, AMI Editor

Lesley Williams, Managing Director, BestCities

James Latham, Founder, Intellectual Capitals, The Iceberg

Annika Rømer, Senior Manager of Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Tracy Bury, Deputy CEO, World Physiotherapy









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